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Cornerstone Baptist Church  began meeting at Donnell Middle School in the school cafeteria.  The first service was in September of 2001, and approximately seventy people attended.  The fall and winter were spent at this location.  Services were held only on Sunday mornings during this time.  The church nursery was in the kitchen.  Rugs were laid out on the floor for the infants and toddlers to sit.  All of the church equipment was kept in a trailer, and had to be set up before every service.  There was no air conditioning in this building, and sometimes the walls, which were lined with heaters, would make banging noises and disrupt the preaching.

In the Spring of 2002, Cornerstone moved to the Hancock County Humane Society.  There was more room at this location.  We still used a trailer to store the church equipment.  Six to eight men would set up all of the equipment prior to each service, then would kneel and pray.  A portable altar, made of two carpeted kneeling benches were used, and two folding lattices set up, along with one piano.   Two to three different times, stray dogs would walk into the building during services.

Beginning in 2003, Wednesday night services were held at a house located on a three acre property on CR 220 of Van Buren.  Some times of fellowship included fishing contests.  There were some problems with this property on CR 220, which prevented us from purchasing it for the permanent location of the church, such as water backing up in the basement and sewage issues.

In 2004, a group of men prayed in the parking lot of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Within one year, we were able to purchase the property on CR 140 of Findlay.  The building project began, and on the first Sunday in January of 2006, we held our first church service in our current building.

Cornerstone Baptist Church was founded upon God's Word.  Underneath the carpeting and flooring of our current building, deep within the foundation of the church, a Bible was buried under what is now the pulpit of the church.  In addition, signatures of church members and Scripture verses of God's promises are written upon the foundation.  This represents the desire of our church to be used and blessed of God.  It serves as a reminder that our church has chosen to be founded upon the "Rock," a foundation which will not be shaken.

Presently, we are starting a new building addition.  God has blessed our church since its humble beginnings.  Throughout our nine years, the church has grown with young couples and families.  We have an awesome responsibility to train the future generation of children.  It is our prayer and sincere desire that our church continue to be a light in our community, so that we may bring great glory to God!

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